S30 Studio

Luke Faulkner

Luke Faulkner co-founded S30 Studio (S30) back in 2019, with the vision to create a unique experience to reinvigorate the world’s excitement to train.

Shortly after, he launched the first flagship S30 studio in Perth, Western Australia. Fast forward a few years later, S30 is now in the midst of its national expansion with seven studios across Western Australia and Queensland, as well as additional studios planned for New South Wales and Victoria by the end of 2022.

With over 12 years experience as a renowned personal trainer, Luke understands what it takes to get members into the studio, but also what it takes to run a studio. He has owned numerous fitness franchises throughout his career and taken the best of the best to create the S30 experience. Luke understands the needs and wants of the market – for both consumers and future franchise partners. This led to the development of S30’s unique ‘weight, tempo and time’ algorithm for its weekly training regime, which focuses on three main pillars: progressive overload (weight-training), anaerobic and aerobic conditioning (hybrid), and focus-with-form (oly-lifting). Paired with an immersive studio environment and a world first introduction of commercial grade equipment incorporated into group fitness, S30 is trailblazing the future of fitness.

Along with leading the team at the S30 Headquarters as acting CEO, Luke’s focus remains on the S30 experience, building out S30s custom proprietary software and most importantly the performance and profitability of each studio. He believes this considered approach to growth ensures each and every franchise achieves the best possible results for long-lasting multi-site success.

Luke is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.