Nutrition Advisor & Principal Dietitian

Raffles Medical Group

Bibi Chia

Bibi Chia is a highly respected and accomplished dietitian and nutrition expert. She is the principal dietitian of Raffles Medical Group and chief nutrition advisor at AMILI, where she is a
leading authority on food, nutrition, and gut microbiome health and their impact on overall wellbeing. Bibi is a passionate food lover and a proud mother of two who has devoted her career to providing comprehensive care and expert advice to patients, families, athletes, celebrities, companies, and the public. In addition to her clinical work, Bibi has been instrumental in developing and managing public health programs since 2004. She has collaborated with Singapore’s government agencies to lead nationwide healthy lifestyle projects for the community, which remains a cause close to her heart. Bibi is also a certified workplace health consultant accredited by the Singapore Health Promotion Board since 2011.

Bibi’s expertise and dedication have been widely recognized by the media, and she is regularly featured in TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, and social media outlets. She is also an ambassador for local and international brands and initiatives that promote better health and wellbeing for all. If you’re looking for nutrition and wellness inspiration, tune in to Kiss 92 FM every Monday morning from 8:30 am-9 am to hear Bibi’s professional advice and insights on either radio or live on Facebook. With her vast knowledge, clinical expertise, and passion for healthy living, Bibi is a true asset to the field of nutrition and dietetics.