Fitness Director

Elite Fitness

Gerry Chong

Gerry Chong is currently a Director of Fitness at Elite Fitness in Vietnam.  With 19 years of experience in the fitness industry, he has managed companies widespread across multiple Asia countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and now Vietnam.  Growing up in the US, Gerry started working out in a big box gym at 14 years old focusing on sports performance where he began to develop the aspiration for health and fitness.    Gerry started as a personal trainer in Hong Kong and has earned a variety of fitness certifications and qualifications including rehabilitation, corrective exercises, and nutrition. He enjoys using recovery and bio-hacking products regularly at home such as red light therapy, vacuum cupping, and other recovery devices to optimize his fitness and wellness.  He is a master’s degree holder in Business Administration where he combines his skills and fitness knowledge with business acumen.