Founder and CEO


Roger Mao

Roger Mao is the founder of CEO of Mcorefit, INC (San Francisco California). The company is introducing Moformer – first-of-its-kind interactive Pilates reformer, digital weight, and massage 3-in-1 connected fitness equipment. He also founded fitness studio brands offer Pilates, boxing etc. in China and established its franchise base, leveraging his strong business strategic set up and execution from 0 to 1.  Prior his entrepreneurship in fitness. He has worked for top tier automotive company focus on global supply chain, and frontier technology of interactive infotainment system. Roger Mao has worked with people from diversified culture since 2006 where he worked as global purchasing to work with leaders across the globe- including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific etc. He has a deep understanding and practical experience of fitness business in competitive markets – on-line platform, off-line studios and franchise, connected equipment and distribution.  Roger Mao holds MBA degree from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.