Founder & CEO


Pablo Viñaspre

Pablo Viñaspre is Founder & CEO of FitnessKPI.

I have always been linked to sport, which remains my great passion to this day. I graduated in Physical Education Sciences because I was clear about what I wanted to study, I had no option B. When I finished I got a scholarship from La Caixa to study a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Texas at Austin. After those two years in the United States, I studied a Master’s Degree in Sports Performance from COE and the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. A few years later, I decided to go for a few months to the Cooper Institute in Dallas, a world reference, to work with the management team in the different areas of the complex. There I met a great leader and my interest shifted from physiology to business management.

Upon returning to Spain, I took a General Management Program (PDG) at EADA Business School. I have been working in the field of sports and management for more than 25 years, and I continue to learn with enthusiasm and trying to make a contribution to this industry with passion and honesty, which are the values ​​that guide me. In 1999 my adventure as an entrepreneur began with WSC Consulting, with a focus on innovation and quality. In these years we have trained +15,000 fitness professionals both in Spain and in other countries and we have helped +500 companies to improve their operation and profitability. In 2011 I created the Fitness Management School (FMS), a Business School for fitness managers, with which we give high-level training in management.

We have already 8 editions of the Executive Development Program (PDD) that is carried out both in person and online for all Spanish-speaking countries. We use state-of-the-art business school methodologies and combine faculty from these schools with top executives from the fitness industry. In 2018 I created with a partner the Startup Fitness Technologies, a company specialized in Business intelligence for the fitness industry. From this company we have created FitnessKPI, a data dashboard that brings together in a single platform all the information necessary for the analysis and the business decision making process. We are currently in the process of growth and internationalization of the company to become the best data dashboard in the world for the fitness industry.

Pablo is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.