Ryan Koski General Manager - Franchise Performance and Education BFT
General Manager - Franchise Performance and Education


Ryan Koski

Ryan Koski is General Manager – Franchise Performance and Education at BFT (Body Fit Training).

Blending the tenacity and resilience of a business owner in addition to self-discipline and passion of a fitness enthusiast, I offer a track record in establishing and scaling a number of profitable services businesses. Key to this success has been a two-fold approach to growth. Simply, I grow sales whilst ensuring operations are as lean and agile as possible. Focusing sharply on the opportunity to simplify businesses while bringing functions together, I enable faster reaction times in the face of ongoing uncertainty. Furthermore, by uniting businesses around the customer, and empowering teams with clear messages, at the right time, I develop robust working cultures and create award winning teams.

Career highlights include building VFA Learning into a profitable business from the ground up in just 15 months in a high compliance environment. I also led Fenix Fitness into profitability within 23 months of opening, building the fitness club into a business with 5,200 members, with its success eventually leading to a sale to a private equity firm. I thrive on meeting new people.

Ryan is also a speaker at our Asia-Pacific Festival in Sydney, Australia.

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