Executive Chairman

Sydney Pole

Mark Sheppard

I like having a job that is singularly unique, that feels to me like the convergence of so many of my life experiences and skills, and through creating something completely novel, brings excitement and joy to me every single day. I started my career on the stage at age three. A pantomime role as a growing tree, a non-speaking part obviously, but I received strong reviews and rapturous applause, albeit mainly from my parents.

Fast forward twenty years, a PhD in AI (unfortunately when it was more nerdy than cool), experimenting with machine learning emulating childhood development, and a stint teaching which I absolutely adored. After that, twenty years blessed with corporate roles around the globe with GE. First implementing technology in industrial businesses in Europe and the US, then as the COO for GE Capital across Asia Pacific, before running the $600M GE Digital Internet of Things business in APAC. And since 2017, I’ve been at the helm of Sydney Pole as its Executive Chairman. It’s the perfect role for me. I embrace my performance side, lead a 200 strong team of diverse and wonderful professionals, and work to scale our concept fitness brand as we bring Sydney Pole to the world.