Maximilian Demmerle Head of International Franchise Operations RSG Group
Head of International Franchise Operations

RSG Group

Maximilian Demmerle

Maximilian is the Head of International Franchise Operations for the RSG Group, overseeing 350+ gyms in 20+ countries.

Driven by the love for bodybuilding, Maximilian Demmerle followed his passion and turned it into his occupation when he decided to work in the fitness industry. Starting as a dual student – studying “fitness economics” in Germany while working fulltime as a trainer in a gym – he worked his way up to become a gym manager, an area manager and now the head of international franchise operations for the RSG Group. The “product”, a gym, is his passion and everything that is a part of it has been experienced by him in person from various perspectives throughout his career. Working with Franchisees from nearly every continent adds to his experience as an athlete and manager while broadening his knowledge horizon. He takes pride in representing Gold’s Gym and helping the international Gold’s Gym Franchisees to improve their performance.

Maximilian is also a speaker at Beyond Activ EMEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.