Global Director, Training & Education


Ben Wilde

Ben Wilde, is the Global Director of Education and Training Director for Johnson Health Tech which includes the premium commercial Matrix brand.  He joined the JHT company on September 1, 2017. Ben is an industry veteran with 23 years of experience in operations, education and sales.

With an academic background in exercise physiology, education and learning Ben has worked extensively in Club Operations and on the supply side of the industry at many levels over the last 23 years. As a qualified teacher and lecturer, he strives to provide updated, scientifically valid information through training and education for International sales teams, customers and users. He teaches using a hands-on approach coupled with an astute knowledge of balancing user needs and the unique attributes of specific solutions to deliver a series of effective educational outcomes.

Ben has since focused his efforts towards creating a range of training modules that deliver quality content for various teams well as honing the skills of the instructors, trainers and coaches. This includes, but is not limited to, the development and management of the global product specialist team, to support a worldwide sales network for the purpose of increasing overall application, performance and results.

Ben is also a speaker at our Asia-Pacific Festival in Sydney, Australia.