Chief Executive Officer


James Foster

As the CEO of Ezypay, James Foster is overseeing the continued growth of Australia’s first Subscription Payments company.

James works closely with Ezypay’s founder and owner, George Holman. Prior to joining Ezypay in 2017, James has over 20 years’ experience in technology driven businesses across marketing, sales and technology leadership roles. His experience working at senior levels in global software and services organisations allows him to drive Ezypay’s ambitious growth objectives. James is also actively involved in the broader Fintech community and represents Ezypay as a member of Fintech Australia, the Singapore Fintech Association, the Philippines Fintech Association and advisory committees such as with Australian Payments Plus.

Ezypay is an award-winning fintech that specialises in processing subscription, recurring and installment payments. Ezypay was founded in Australia in 1996 and has grown to 9 countries across the Asia Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea) and is continually expanding. Ezypay has its main offices located in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Ezypay has a modern cloud-based platform that uniquely supports merchants who have an ongoing relationship with their customers. It enables advanced payment collection optimisation as well as supports complex settlement and payout scenarios. Ezypay’s platform is built to be embedded into other technology platforms and Ezypay has a range of partners across industries such as Health & Fitness, Education, Childcare and Real Estate. Ezypay’s dedication to partners is reflected in its industry leading Partner Net Promoter Score of 80.

James is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.