Kristina Sy Co Founder CEO Electric Studio
Co-Founder / CEO / Instructor

Electric Studio

Kristina Sy

Kristina Sy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Electric Studio, the Philippines’ first and largest boutique rhythm indoor cycling and boxing studio.

Kris is recognized as one of the leading boutique fitness entrepreneurs in the country, growing Electric to 4 studios in 4 years, plus launching its fifth studio, Electric Studio Rhythm Boxing in 2022. The company holds the largest digital live and on demand fitness platform in the country, bringing Electric at Home worldwide. Electric Studio has become one of Manila’s premiere fitness destinations with a fast growing cult-like following. A former Consultant and Business Development Director at Accenture and American Express New York, Kris drives the strategy, marketing, and product of the company. Her passion comes from the belief that fitness can empower and transform your mind, your body, and how you want to live your life.

Kristin is also a speaker at Beyond Activ WORLD in Singapore.