Co-Founder and CEO


Benjamin Donhardt

Benjamin Donhardt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Supafitgrow and a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.

As a fitness industry veteran and successful gym owner, Benji has established himself as a prominent figure within the industry. With extensive knowledge and experience, he has become a trusted advisor and mentor to many aspiring gym owners and fitness professionals, offering invaluable guidance and support. Benji’s exceptional networking and sales skills have been instrumental in his success, resulting in increased business growth and profitability for both himself and his clients. His ability to build and nurture relationships is unparalleled, making him a highly sought-after partner for businesses looking to drive growth and success.

In addition to his success within the fitness industry, Benji brings valuable leadership skills to any role he undertakes, having served for 6 years as a platoon leader on operations and work in tactical assault group east and special forces units. This experience has instilled in him a tireless work ethic, exceptional teamwork skills, and a strategic mindset. With a deep understanding of the industry’s trends and opportunities, Benji has a keen eye for emerging trends and opportunities, allowing him to stay ahead of the curve and innovate in a highly competitive landscape. This innovative mindset has driven significant growth for his own business and the businesses of his clients, solidifying his position as a trailblazer and influential leader. Overall, Benji’s passion, expertise, dedication to the fitness industry, and military experience make him an exceptional director and valuable asset to any organization looking to drive growth and success.