Kevin Yates

Lift Brands

Kevin Yates

Kevin Yates is CEO of Lift Brands EMEA.

As the CEO of Lift Brands EMEA and a trailblazer in the boutique fitness model in the UK and Europe, Kevin’s illustrious career in the health and leisure sector is marked by his innovative approach and international experience. His journey includes the creation and evolution of disruptive, market-leading concepts that have reshaped the industry.

With a robust background working with various brands, Kevin has consistently driven shareholder value in both private equity and public limited company sectors. Over the course of his career, he has conceptualised and established four new ventures in the health and leisure domain. Each of these ventures not only attracted significant capital investment but also yielded considerable returns for co-founders, a testament to Kevin’s strategic acumen and leadership.

In late 2015, Kevin embarked on a visionary project, founding TRIB3. His ambition was to create a global community, united by a distinctive and superior workout experience. Now at the helm of Lift Brands EMEA, Kevin continues to apply his wealth of experience and innovative thinking to drive growth and excellence in the fitness and health sector, leading the charge in transforming the industry landscape.

Kevin is also a speaker at Beyond Activ EMEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.