The Integrative Medical Centre

Heike Cushway

Heike Cushway is an experience entrepreneur in holistic health, wellness and medical care. Over the years her passion has strengthened her belief that nutritional and holistic health is the foundation of wellness, longevity and quality of life. Out of this passion The Integrative Medical Centre was born which opened in 2021. Heike previously spearheaded the regional communications in a leading multinational company, gaining insights with working in team environments across multiple geographies and ethnicities before adopting her true calling in an entrepreneurial start-up life. She continues to develop branding, marketing and operational processes for several emerging companies in the medical industry including The Integrative Medical Centre. Heike also studied at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York and is an internationally certified Health Coach.

The Integrative Medical Centre is founded on the concept that a holistic health approach to medical care is optimal for patients’ health and well-being. The centre brings together experienced, passionate and professional practitioners who collaborate as a team to ensure patients are treated in an optimised manner addressing immediate conditions as well as understanding and managing the underlying root causes and/or risk factors.