We want to contribute to a healthier and happier world. A world where anyone, anywhere, can access, enjoy, afford and benefit from incredible health, fitness and wellness services and solutions. We work, every day, to actively inspire global wellbeing and positively impact health span.
To do this, we’re building the world’s largest health, fitness, wellness and sports ecosystem. A community of brands connecting to exchange knowledge and expertise, within an environment of collaboration and shared learning, whilst promoting industry development and investment.
We achieve this by partnering hundreds of clients to organise large-scale business events, host webinars and discussion groups, compile industry news and reports, and facilitate business introductions. As a trusted business partner, we help clients expand their business year-round.

Our Network

Health, Fitness, Wellness & Sports Brands
Founder, CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP, Managing Director, General Manager, Director, Regional Head
Health, Medical & Insurance Companies
CEO, CCO, CTO, COO, VP/Director/Head – Health, Wellness, Wellbeing, Employment Engagement
Investors, Advisors & Government
Portfolio/Fund Manager, Partner, Analyst, Minister, Perm Secretary, Chief Executive, Division Head

Who You'll Meet

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Beyond Activ Timeline

We undertake three key activities

Host A Series Of Virtual, Physical & Hybrid Events

CEO-Level Summits & Exhibitions
Award Dinners
Networking Receptions

Act As Industry Ambassadors
& Connectors

Supporting Sponsor Marketing Activities
Promoting New Industry Developments
Connecting Partners & Prospects

Produce & Distribute
Exclusive Content

Business Leader Interviews
Market Insights
Industry Surveys


Our community includes business leaders from multinational fitness centres, gyms, franchisees, boutique studios, hotels, spas, retreats, resorts, equipment manufacturers, apparel, nutrition and corporate wellness providers, distributors, technology platforms, sporting events, investment firms, consultancy groups, government bodies, health agencies and insurers.

Mission Statement

To be the leading network for connecting and engaging the health, fitness and wellness community to new business, investment and technology.