Tiffany Chng

Tiffany Chng is a former Singapore national touch rugby athlete and the strategic force behind cheak’s brand and marketing strategy, community initiatives, and partnerships. Within two years and only five products at its inception, Tiffany brought the brand to great success in Singapore and was also a guest judge for Marketing Interactive’s Marketing Excellence Awards 2022. Prior to starting butter. (now known as cheak), Tiffany was in Regional Community and International Brand at fitness company ClassPass (formerly GuavaPass), before moving onto ecommerce company Shopee in Regional Marketing (Partnerships) and Singapore Marketing (Social Media).

Since young, Tiffany has enjoyed being active and she dabbled in gymnastics and cheerleading before finding her love in touch rugby, and blooming into a national athlete representing Singapore at the 2011 Touch Rugby World Cup. Today, she enjoys a mixture of HIIT, yoga and spinning for a balance of cardio, flexibility and strength. She also recently welcomed a puppy into her family, and her daily exercise involves taking her dog out for walks