Managing Director

Pure Group

Theresa Shan

Originally a producer at Lucas Film Animation, Theresa switched to fitness in 2011 and joined Pure Yoga as a full-time yoga teacher. In addition, she started her own brand of Eco-Luxury yoga products called MADANA; and co-founded SOULSCAPE—The Mindful Movement Festival & Online Magazine to connect and nurture the yoga & wellness community, both online and offline, in 2013. After exiting both businesses in 2017, she joined Absolute Group as General Manager for Singapore, to establish a foothold in Singapore and assist in the brand’s international expansion plans. Upon her departure in Q4 of 2022, Theresa had grown the company to 4 locations with over 5000 members. From a 20-person team in 2017 to a 100-person team in 2022 and managed to keep the company profitable amidst the pandemic. Key accomplishments during the COVID pandemic include: (1) Established the first-of-its-kind Absolute x Zouk collaboration. Which ran for 1.5 years during the pandemic. (2) Closely involved in the creation of Absolute Home Edition. The online home bike purchase program. (3) Retaining all staff and keeping the company cash flow positive. Recently, she was appointed as Managing Director for PURE Group Singapore in November 2022 to reinvigorate the company and lead it into a new season of growth in post-pandemic Singapore. Since then, she has expanded the PURE Yoga offering to include Pilates (Reformer and Matwork), to target the increasing demand for low-impact resistance workouts and secured an industry-first partnership between PURE x CruCycle to refresh the indoor cycling experience at PURE Fitness.