Investment Attraction & Development Manager, Sports

Ministry of Investment (Saudi Arabia)

Basim Ibrahim

Basim Ibrahim is the Investment Attraction & Development Manager, Sports for the Ministry of Investment (Saudi Arabia), a Saudi expert in Investment & Business Development.

He started from the private sector in 2008 then led the Investment Attraction & Development within Education/Training Sector at Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority in 2017. Basim now leads the Investment Attraction Development in the Sport Sector. Basim is a World Economic Forum Alumni and a Master Project Manager with over fifteen years of professionalism within many industries & fields: IT, Education/Training, PR, Marketing, Project Management, Sport, Research and Business Development. Basim is also a member of several local & international professional organizations like PMI and WEF.

Basim is a speaker at our EMEA Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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