Chris Caldwell CEO, APAC Lift Brands

Lift Brands

Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell is CEO, APAC at Lift Brands.

Over the last 25 years Chris has developed into a highly respected, entrepreneurial and charismatic leader with a comprehensive background in the retail and consumer sector, representing world-class systems in their respective industries. Chris commenced his career working in gyms and multi-purpose sporting complexes while studying Commerce at University. After graduating Chris moved into professional sports administration with the Australian Hockey Team and then the Essendon Football Club. In 2001 Chris moved into the entertainment and retail industry with a focus on multi-site Franchise and Licensee systems. During the past 15 years Chris has been the CEO/GM of businesses including: Bakers Delight, Pie Face, Lenard’s Chicken and more recently BOUNCEinc. These roles exposed Chris to extensive business dealings across Asia Pacific, North America and the Middle East. Chris is a competitive, results driven individual with a level headed, rational management style, a great sense of humor but above all else understands that happy and satisfied franchisees = happy and satisfied franchisor. Joining Lift Brands for Chris is a perfect mixture of utilizing his extensive professional experience combined with his personal ‘effort’ to stay healthy and fit. Chris loves working together with Franchisees, harnessing their passion to create business confidence and momentum. It’s fair to say he is VERY excited to be joining the business. Chris and Sally have been married for 21 years and have three teenage children, Max, Ned and Zoe who are all very keen junior gym aficionados.

Chris is also a speaker at Beyond Activ WORLD in Singapore.