Best-Selling Author and Founder

Grant Ian Gamble

In the dynamic world of fitness and wellness, Grant Ian Gamble is more than just a thought leader, he’s a trailblazer with a deep passion for empowering individuals and organizations. With over three decades of experience, Grant has spent over 20 years in the highly contested U.S. market and built an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge fitness and wellness campuses and businesses worldwide. Grant holds a position with the esteemed Global Wellness Institute, where he contributes as an influential member of the Wellness Communities and Real Estate Initiative.

As a co-founder of, Grant is shaping the future of the fitness and wellness business utilizing AI to provide powerful lead indicators for business leaders. This innovative system drives retention and referrals with unparalleled outcomes.

Grant’s “People First, Always” recipe for business success is remarkably simple yet astoundingly effective: mindful leadership ignites an unstoppable team performance, which, in turn, cultivates an extraordinary customer experience, thus paving the way for ongoing financial growth. He has encapsulated this formula in his best-selling mindful leadership book, “The Affinity Principle” and shares it in his AFFINITY Podcast.

At the heart of Grant’s ethos lie pillars of integrity, authenticity, continuous evolution, and an inspiring abundance mentality. It’s his unwavering commitment to a ‘people-first’ approach that has been instrumental in his business triumphs, garnering him immense respect and admiration from myriad organizations worldwide.

Grant’s expertise extends beyond traditional wellness. He is a master at incubating start-ups, catapulting business growth, and reviving companies on the brink. He’s not just a model for work-life balance; he’s an advocate for it. Grant motivates his teams and clients to seize the reins of their personal and professional lives, inspiring them to lead happy, healthy, balanced, and fulfilled lives.