Adam Sedlack CEO UFC Gym


Adam Sedlack

With more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Adam Sedlack is currently CEO of UFC Gym.

Sedlack started working for Family Fitness in 1994 and then for 24 Hour Fitness which acquired Family Fitness in 1995. At 24 Hour Fitness, Sedlack held positions of increasing responsibility including front desk, sales, Assistant GM, GM, District Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Sales VP, and Divisional President. During his 14 years at 24 Hour Fitness, Sedlack worked in almost all major markets in the US including San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield, Inland Empire, Portland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, Missouri, and Dallas. Sedlack won multiple awards for his performance at 24 Hour Fitness including club, region, and district awards and Sedlack was recognized as the top sales person in the entire Company. Sedlack left 24 Hour Fitness in 2008 to join New Evolution Ventures as the President in charge of UFC GYM. Under Sedlack’ s leadership, UFC GYM has quickly grown from a start-up to the 14th largest fitness business in the US with operations in California, Hawaii, and New York. Internationally, UFC GYM has expanded into 28 countries with 541 gyms in development, over $148 million in annual sales, and significant near-term growth prospects under both an owned model and a franchised model. Adam lives in Corona, CA with his wife and four children.

Adam is also a speaker at Beyond Activ AMERICAS in New York, USA.

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