Ali Hamad Al Sagri Chairman Leejam Sports Company

Leejam Sports Company

Ali Hamad Al Sagri

Ali Hamad Al Sagri is the Chairman of Leejam Sports Company, as well as a Founding Shareholder of the company.

He is also the Managing Director of Hamad Al Sagri Holding Company (HHC) is a privately owned investment company with a mandate to hold a diversified portfolio of investments across the Middle East and International markets. HHC acts as a platform to explore wider opportunities across the entire breadth of liquid and illiquid, traditional and alternative asset classes. He sets overall direction for the company and spearheads execution of growth plans for the group. He is also tasked with monitoring operating performance of businesses. A natural consensus builder, Ali has helped the group become a preferred partner for various stakeholders. Under his leadership, the Group’s activities and interests have strengthened, investment approach, and governance policies have been further institutionalized. His refocus on risk combined with understanding of permanence of capital has paved the way for creation of a business group that can endure wealth. Ali holds a Bachelors in International Business Administration from Seneca University, Canada.

Ali is also a speaker at Beyond Activ EMEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.