White Tiger Qigong

Tevia Feng

Tevia Feng is the Master Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qigong.

He embarked on a self-healing journey at a young age due to chronic illness. This led him to master holistic systems like martial arts, Qigong, and meditation. Tevia’s unique training blends ancient wisdom with modern science. He has trained with revered Qigong masters, as well as sports science experts and neuroscientists, leading to a groundbreaking fusion of ancient Qigong and cutting-edge science. This approach demystifies Qi energy, making it scientifically accessible. Tevia has earned significant recognition, including features in leading Qigong magazines and authoring multiple books that have been translated into different languages. As the visionary behind White Tiger Qigong, Tevia has impacted millions globally and sold over 50,000 courses. The brand has nearly 60,000 subscribers and is globally recognized. One of White Tiger Qigong’s standout offerings is its gym and resort licensing program, 5 Force Fit. This program allows businesses to integrate White Tiger Qigong’s wellness solutions, featuring dynamic Qigong exercises and meditation techniques designed for emotional and physical balance. Tevia has collaborated with experts from Harvard and Stanford, as well as a director at Cirque du Soleil, to create an advanced Qigong curriculum. The program is taught in boutique gyms across the US and Europe and has been featured at prestigious venues like Aman Resorts and The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Central to Tevia’s mission is the desire to ignite transformation and maximize human potential. He aims to scale this impact globally, fostering a movement that shifts consciousness and facilitates holistic healing. In summary, Tevia Feng is not just a Qigong master; he is a lifelong student, a compassionate teacher, and a visionary leader. His work serves as a beacon for those seeking a holistic approach to well-being.

Tevia is also a speaker at Beyond Activ EMEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.