Nuno Costa Co-Founder CRANK


Nuno Costa

Nuno Costa Fernandes is the Co-Founder of CRANK.

At 33 years old with nearly 17 years of experience, Nuno stands as an individual who blends his passion for fitness and his expertise in technology.

Hailing from Portugal, Nuno’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and innovative spirit. Starting his journey at just 17, Nuno ventured into the fitness world, swiftly becoming Portugal’s youngest fitness instructor—a feat that set the stage for his exceptional career. Even as he pursued a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, Nuno continued to teach fitness classes, showcasing his ability to excel in both physical and intellectual domains.

Nuno’s trajectory took an international turn when he moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he lent his expertise to renowned fitness franchises such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel Sports. At Flywheel, his role as Director of Program showcased his talent for curating immersive fitness experiences that resonated with enthusiasts. In 2018, Nuno’s journey reached new heights with the founding of CRANK—a visionary venture that merged his fitness background with his technological prowess. Through CRANK, Nuno and his partners (Sami, Ken and Kourosh) introduced state-of-the-art studios that flawlessly blended music, workouts, and captivating experiences. This pioneering effort underscored Nuno’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a fitness environment unlike any other. From his roots in Portugal to his pioneering work with CRANK, Nuno continues to redefine fitness and technology, inspiring all who encounter his journey.

Nuno is a speaker at Beyond Activ EMEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.