Group Director of Spa and Wellness – Asia

Minor International

Sandie Johannessen

As the Group Director of Spa and Wellness – Asia, Sandie Johannesen holds a pivotal position overseeing
MSpa International and Minor’s Spa & Wellness divisions. Her primary responsibilities encompass
implementing brand standards, developing strategic business initiatives, and expanding the portfolio of
medical partnerships for comprehensive Spa& Wellness solutions.
Bening a Danish national, Johannessen has built an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the spa and
wellness industry, generating recognition from prestigious entities such as Conde Nast Traveller and World
Spa and Wellness. Throughout her career, Johannessen has excelled in delivering extensive exceptional services across a range of renowned five-star luxury hotels, resorts, spas by in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive wellness programmes that emphasize holistic well- being.
Johannessen’s educational background further complements her extensive experience. She holds a degree in
dietary analyst and educator from Middlesex University in the UK, providing her with a unique perspective on
the importance of nutrition in wellness. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Yogic Science from
Bangalore University, India showcasing her commitment to promoting holistic wellness practices.
With her wealth of experience, commitment to excellence, and diverse educational background, Sandie
Johannesen stands as a true luminary in the spa and wellness industry, driving innovation and elevating
standards across the board.

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