Ingrid Wong CEO 247 Fitness
Director and Chief Executive Officer

24/7 Fitness

Ingrid Wong

Ingrid Wong is Director and Chief Executive Officer at 24/7 FITNESS with a lifelong dedication to fitness and martial arts.

Her early exposure to martial arts within her family, combined with her academic background in Information Technology from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has shaped her passion for promoting these disciplines. In 2009, Ingrid made a significant impact in popularizing Muay Thai in Hong Kong. Her efforts attracted both experienced practitioners and newcomers, fostering a thriving community and earning her industry-wide respect. In 2018, Ingrid recognized the global rise of 24-hour fitness facilities and brought this trend to Hong Kong. Leveraging her technological expertise, she incorporated advanced features like facial recognition, environmentally-friendly equipments and disinfection systems. These innovations not only raised industry standards but also provided customers with an unparalleled fitness experience. Ingrid observed the negative effects of inconsistent sales tactics and operational models in fitness centers, which eroded consumer confidence and burdened personal fitness trainers with sales responsibilities, resulting in aggressive practices. In response, Ingrid heeded market feedback and established a transparent sales model: no hard selling, no prepayment, and selective contracts in collaboration with shareholders. Her goal is to enhance the fitness industry’s image in Hong Kong and improve its overall atmosphere. With extensive knowledge, experience, and a wide network, Ingrid has excelled in technology, beauty, and fitness, achieving remarkable success. Through her visionary leadership, she has revolutionized industry practices, introducing innovation and driving transformative change across the sector.

Ingrid is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.