CEO & Founder

Core Collective

Michelle Yong

Michelle Yong is CEO & Founder at Core Collective.

Michelle is a 4th generation family business leader in Woh Hup and the Director at Aurum Land, a subsidiary and real estate development company. In 2018, she started Core Collective, a one-of-a-kind fitness and wellness community that offers a unique co-working space for professionals to connect, grow, and thrive.

By combining fitness and wellness with a collaborative workspace, Core Collective provides a unique setting for fitness and wellness professionals to connect, grow, and thrive alongside like-minded individuals who aspire to build their businesses and help their clients lead their best lives. Core Collective professionals offer a range of services, such as personal training, wellness treatments, and many more, all under one roof.

Michelle’s attention to detail and innovative mindset have helped her to grow Aurum into an award-winning $100 million+ business. Now, as the founder of Core Collective, Michelle is transforming Aurum into a space and business innovator focusing on the future of people. In a time of increasing connectivity, where customer experience is the gold standard, Aurum is the core of a trusted network of communities, creating opportunities across diverse industries for businesses, professionals and individuals seeking growth in Singapore and beyond.

Despite her dynamic professional life, Michelle is a dedicated mother of four and a foodie at heart. She strongly believes that great food makes both life and business better.

Michelle is also a speaker at Beyond Activ WORLD in Singapore.

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