Co-Founder & CEO

Jonda Health

Dr. Suhina Singh

Dr. Suhina Singh is Co-Founder & CEO of Jonda Health.

Suhina is a physician, chronic disease warrior and former pharma medical director that has experienced the challenges of health data fragmentation first hand from different points of view. She has not only lost a family member to cancer but suffers from autoimmune conditions herself. Suhina is determined to help address these health data challenges through Jonda Health a health tech company she co-founded and leads. The company aims to unlock the power of health data to improve health outcomes and advance medicine with privacy and security by default, through its secure AI health data harmonization and management solution.

Having grown up during apartheid South Africa and studied medicine in Afrikaans (a language she could barely speak), Suhina is always up for a challenge and prides herself in being resilient in the toughest of times. Her curious nature, has led to over 15 years of experience in different roles ranging from clinical practice, medical advisory and operations to data-driven marketing and digital innovation.

Suhina is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.