Misao Mochizuki
Vice President

Renaissance Corporation

Misao Mochizuki

Misao Mochizuki is Vice President and General Manager, Healthcare Business Division, as well as Director of Synapsology Laboratory at Renaissance Corporation in Japan.

She joined Renaissance Corporation in 1987. She started as a supervisor in charge of quality control in the fitness department, and after serving as the head of the education department and the product development department, she was appointed as the executive officer in charge of new business in 2005. She was appointed managing executive officer in charge of the health care business unit in 2020, and also became a member of the board of directors in 2017. In the healthcare business division, he personally developed Synapsology®, a method to enhance the cognitive function of the brain, and established the Synapsology Research Institute within Renaissance in 2019, which has been conducting various effectiveness tests with universities and other research institutions, as well as expanding its franchisees overseas. Renaissance Inc. currently ranks third in Japan and tenth in the world in terms of sales. 

Misao is also a speaker at Beyond Activ WORLD in Singapore.

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