Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Freemotion (A Division of iFIT)

Chris McGill

Chris McGill has been a global force within the health and fitness industry for over 35 years – educating, leading, inspiring, influencing and innovating global product development. Chris was instrumental in revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of functional training more than 20 years ago – however, his leadership with the industry didn’t begin or end here. Currently the Vice President of Global Sales at Freemotion Fitness, Chris leads a global team of sales consultants with a passion and commitment, to his team, customers, and industry. Chris is continuously driven to improve the way we all work out and has been leading the charge for life-changing fitness equipment for decades. 

Chris says: “Freemotion has always been ahead of its time. We created the buzz around functional training in 1999, and have stayed a step ahead since then. We know exactly what we’re trying to achieve, and why. We aren’t afraid to offer something different in our mission to help people exercise better.” 

Chris is a natural-born leader, who continuously exceeds goals and strives to build great friendships with his customers. He is also a two-time Ironman finisher and has a strong commitment to his family with his fiancee, Michele, and their five children.