Founder and Owner

Barbara Chancey Design Group

Barbara Chancey

A trusted voice and respected pioneer in the boutique fitness industry, Barbara has guided over 200 successful clients across the globe. She launched the niche business in 2009 out of necessity. Frustrated by the condition of the big box gym where she taught indoor cycling, Barbara offered the owner a deal: She’d remodel the studio to create a boutique experience, and if membership didn’t grow by 30 percent in one year, she’d cover her own out-of-pocket expenses. Armed with a nail gun, table saw, and gallons of donated paint, she worked late at night after the gym closed to create a mind-boggling transformation. Within six months, every bike was waitlisted, and club membership doubled. Fueled by success, she started bartering and donating services through word of mouth before launching the business a few years later. Her approach to design takes inspiration from real people – instructors, front desk greeters, cleaning crews, management, and most importantly – the people who spend their time and money with you. Her clients are ambitious entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo and want to work with the best so they can be the best. Barbara believes there is a greater purpose in fitness, and her mission is to help clients inspire future generations. She is a conference presenter, columnist, podcast personality, and the visionary behind many of the world’s most beautiful and successful fitness destinations.