Chief Revenue Officer


Christoph Bischoff

Christoph Bischoff is the Chief Revenue Officer at eGym, responsible for the international sales force driving the revenue growth. In this role he defines the sales priorities and strategies based on the company strategic plan and transform it in high performance sales execution. Christoph Bischoff looks back to a very broad career in global Sales, Marketing and Corporate Strategy positions, which enables him to set the right direction and speed by winning the hearts and minds of people. Christoph’s motivation and passion is to build and run high performing teams based on a strong culture and priorities. Prior to eGym Christoph Bischoff was the Managing Director for Paychex International, responsible for creating the next five years of growth in Europe. He was the initiator and driver of the Lessor acquisition, a milestone in Paychex International Strategy, after re-structuring the business in Brazil and turning around the German subsidiary. Prior to Paychex Christoph Bischoff was the General Director Services at ADP, WW Leader of Payroll Services and one of the most admired companies. Christoph Bischoff also looks back to a stellar career at Microsoft over 17 years in many different leadership positions and areas before running the German Service Business for ADP. He launched Microsoft Outlook and was part of the Microsoft Office 365 organization in Seattle back in 2009, starting the Cloud transformation. Christoph Bischoff is born Germany, but he spent and worked over 13 years in different countries like Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, South Africa forming a broad, diverse leadership personality. While he is very analytical, disciplined and focused on defined targets, he is very people orientated in execution. Christoph Bischoff is a big supporter of innovation and driver of the digitalization, especially in changing or even disrupting old, in-effective systems and models. This was, is and will be his big driver.