Debra Strougo Founder, Row House and CEO Fitizens Holdings
Founder, Row House and CEO

Fitizens Holdings

Debra Strougo

Debra Strougo is the Founder of Row House and CEO of Fitizens Holdings.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for the fitness and wellness industry, disrupting markets, uncovering niche opportunities, developing sustainable, high-growth businesses, and establishing high-impact brand and marketing strategies.

Most recently, Debra founded and served as the CEO of Row House, delivering a unique opportunity that cut through the cluttered fitness landscape. Under her guidance, Row House experienced 390% growth and a 1066 ranking on the 5000 list. Through a strategic partnership with Xponential Fitness, she scaled the Row House brand from one studio to 300 – all within six years.

Debra is also a speaker at Beyond Activ AMERICAS in New York, USA.