Beyond Activ

Jolin Ma

Jolin is an advocate for health and fitness as a holistic lifestyle change (and being a raw vegan) saved her life – keeping her psoriasis and hives at bay while also keeping life positive, fun, and energetic! After graduating from the National University of Singapore business school BSci (upper hons), Jolin went on to take a diploma in advanced holistic nutrition at the School of Natural Health Sciences. She married her passions of branding and health and started out her first role as a brand manager of a cold-pressed juice company; with an aim to inspire more to take steps towards their own health journey. That opened up doors to opportunities such as hosting corporate wellness workshops and curating consumer fitness festivals. During the time when she was the wellness curator for the Fitness Festival, Jolin met Ross. He shared his great vision of bringing together the industry players in Asia and in doing so, helping more people get happier and healthier. Yes! The stars aligned and the rest is history. Jolin is excited to be a part of the Beyond Activ family and help grow businesses while uniting the wider community. The industry continues to inspire Jolin – the endless creativity, pushed boundaries, and passionate leaders. Currently, Jolin is also teaching pilates part-time. And besides learning more about wellness and trying out different fitness classes, Jolin also enjoys meeting like-minded people, exploring new cafes/restaurants, checking out events, as well as traveling. Nature would be a big bonus.

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