Jeff Zwiefel Executive Director, MIORA Longevity & Performance Life Time
Executive Director, MIORA Longevity & Performance

Life Time

Jeff Zwiefel

Jeff Zwiefel is Executive Director, MIORA Longevity & Performance at Life Time.

A customer-centric and visionary senior executive and leader, Mr. Jeff Zwiefel has 30+ years in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry, and a demonstrable record of delivering strong operational and financial results. A disciplined and passionate leader, he has significantly contributed to the industry, and played a pivotal role in the evolution, diversification, and growth of Life Time, the nation’s premier healthy lifestyle brand. He has led teams of up to 30k employees, and P&Ls of up to $2.3B. His strategic, analytical, agile/partnering mindset, exceptional communication, and relationship building skills inform all his work. A catalyst for positive change, Zwiefel’s expertise includes: Vision | Strategic planning, flawless execution | Brand management, product design, development, sourcing | Omni sales & distribution channels (digital, retail, international, commercial) | Public speaking | Culture, talent development & coaching | Zwiefel joined Life Time, Inc. (LTH) in 1999 in a business development role, and is currently its President and Chief Operating Officer. During his almost 25 year tenure, he served as key catalyst in the evolution/ growth of the Life Time brand from that of a health club operator to a comprehensive Healthy Way of Life Company, with revenue/EBITDAR growth from $137M/year and $40M/year respectively in 2001 to a projected ~$2.3B by end of 2023. Zwiefel delivered a +9% CAGR in subscription revenue, and a +10% CAGR in ancillary revenue from 2010 – 2023. Positioning LTH for long-term success, he led Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement from 34 to 53, and successfully navigated through the Covid epidemic.
As President & COO (2013 – present), Zwiefel consistently drives operational alignment, accountability, and execution enterprise-wide, along with the creation of strong, collaborative field and corporate partnerships. Instrumental in enhancing user experiences/satisfaction across all locations by leading development and launch of healthy lifestyle related content, he has continued driving center membership growth (613k in 2010 to 854k in 2023, +4% CAGR), growing average revenue per membership (+4% CAGR), total revenue by +9%, and increased member NPS from 34 in 2017 to 53 Zwiefel contributed to the industry’s evolution, and maintained/enhanced a competitive edge (circumventing emerging health and wellness boutiques’ dilution of high commercial operators’ revenue) through a programming revolution in 2017 that improved programs’ content, delivery, execution, and the customer experience. He paved the way for expanded diversification supporting LTM’s Live/Work/Play pillars of growth; achieved technology platform advancement, and successfully navigated through the Covid epidemic.
Before, as EVP & COO (2009 – Oct 2013), Zwiefel led operational excellence and strong financial performance through strategic planning and precise execution. He was instrumental in LTH’s annual revenue growth from $913M in 2009 to $1.206B in 2013. He started his career at Nordic Track, Inc. (1988 – 1999), where he held progressive roles culminating in that of VP, Product Development (1989 – 1999), and helped grow the business from $75M to $500M in revenue. He was also Executive Director of the National Exercise Life Institute (NEFLI), a marketing, PR, and product development division of NordicTrack. Zwiefel serves as a board member of the IHRSA Strategic Advisory Council (top executives from prominent global health/ fitness companies), and is a member of Minnesota State University’s National Advisory Board. He has an BS (Physical Education) from Mankato State University, an MA (Exercise Physiology) from Minnesota State University, and completed accelerated business courses at St. Thomas University. Zwiefel is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (1992), National Strength & Conditioning Association (1991), and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Jeff is also a speaker at Beyond Activ Americas in New York, USA.

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