Chief Research & Health Advisor

Access Consciousness

Dr. Terrie Hope

Dr. Terrie Hope is Chief Research & Health Advisor at Access Consciousness.

Dr. Terrie Hope is a motivational speaker, transformational leader and internationally renowned scientist and expert in the field of personal, business, transformation and leadership. She is a pioneer and thought leader exploring new frontiers and research on stress, anxiety, depression, health, wellbeing, consciousness and human potential. Driven to explore new territories, her insatiable curiosity and pioneering spirit opens the doors to uncharted perspectives and science related to physical, emotional and personal wellbeing and empowerment. Consistently pushing the boundaries of the current knowledge of how we and our bodies live and perceive the world, her exploration addresses complex challenges and issues prevalent both scientifically and practically in our current world. Her scientific explorations have not only revealed that we can expediently change our current physical and emotional wellbeing but raise the bar in how we can create our futures as greater than our current world expectations.

Dr Terrie Hope holds a Ph.D. and Doctorate, with her advanced studies in quantum medicine, transformation, and consciousness. She is a published scientist with multiple research studies relating to neuro-activity, anxiety, depression, pain, post traumatic stress disorder and changes in stress levels and consciousness. Over her extensive career she has explored the fascinating intersection of cognitive neuroscience, neuroquantology, and human potential far-reaching beyond the current world.

Her pursuits take her around the globe, where she dedicates her efforts towards enhancing lives, transforming leaders, and optimizing organizations. Dr Terrie Hope’s contributions in these areas are instrumental in fostering change and driving progress, resulting in more efficient and effective leadership styles and organizational governances. Dr Terrie Hope is a paragon in her profession, consistently pushing the boundaries of knowledge and application in the fields of transformation, leadership, and health. Her dedication to improving lives and organizations, deep knowledge, and significant research contributions make her an invaluable asset in her field.

Dr. Terrie is also a speaker at our Beyond Activ Americas in NYC, USA.