Co-Founder and CEO

Ritual Gym Group and ThriveX

Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Ritual. With more than 15 years of true international entrepreneurial experience, Brad has proven himself as a CEO that has taken more than one business from conception to exit, providing massive shareholder returns along the way. Now driven by his personal passion for fitness and wellness, he is focused solely on making Ritual Gym a global fitness franchise powerhouse. In his role as co-founder and CEO, Brad has steered Ritual Gym from a start-up gym in Singapore to an award-winning fitness brand with rapidly expanding operations on 5 continents. Prior to opening Ritual, Brad served as a Managing Partner for Empire Automation; an Asia based market leader in CCTV and Security Systems Integrator for a wide range of corporate clients that include casinos and many Fortune 100 businesses. Brad has also served as the Managing Director for FreightWatch Group, Asia Pacific, where he was based in Malaysia and responsible for the supply chain security needs of several Fortune 500 clients. Brad also ran the corporate security program for one of the most successful technology businesses in the world, having over 500 security employees in every possible sector of the industry.

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