Founder and CEO


Amaresh Ojha

An IIM Bangalore alumnus, Amaresh Ojha, is a renowned name in the Indian fitness industry. Driven by his passion for fitness and its implications in urban life, Amaresh founded Gympik in 2013 intending to aid the discovery of fitness solutions for end-users. His vision to offer value to customers has led him to develop an integrated fitness ecosystem that revolutionizes the way users discover ways of leading healthy and fit lives. Gympik has been able to lead this fragmented space by leveraging technology and co-creating value for its affiliates by facilitating direct interactions between fitness providers and seekers. As the Founder and CEO of Gympik, Amaresh heads the business strategy, product development, and scalability verticals at Gympik, ensuring innovation across every business function. Having worked with tech companies like Cisco and Bluestone, Amaresh brings his technology expertise to Gympik’s core. Under his leadership, Gympik has prolifically expanded & is present in 40+ cities in India. It is also the only fitness technology brand that has disrupted the industry by solving the problem from both the member and service provider’s end. Amaresh is now looking beyond the online marketplace model & is working towards offering modern tools to change the way gyms & clubs are managed in India. Gympik now also has the unique competitive advantage of having built the best-in-class SaaS software –Traqade that is deeply integrated with its B2C offering. The flagship product, ‘Traqade’ is powered by Gympik & is helping the centre owners transition from outdated legacy software to a secure and flexible cloud-based platform. The SaaS platform is designed to fill the existing gap between what technology a centre needs and what current players are offering. Amaresh is currently shaping the future of fitness by combining deep learning & artificial intelligence to leverage the huge amount of data gyms & clubs have at their disposal to help centres predict which prospects will sign up, design personalised workout recommendations. Amaresh’s contributions to this space have made prominent media houses sit up and pay attention to his vision and commitment to transform the fitness industry in India as we know it.