International Fitness Academy

Rey Bolivar

Rey Bolivar is currently the CEO of IFA International. His 30-year career in the global fitness and wellness industry started with a degree in physiology, exercise science/sports management, and multiple certifications in the industry. Starting in the clinical & medical industry, he then moved to the commercial fitness industry where he gained his experience in all facets of the fitness industry including personal training, sales, operations, marketing, and held several executive management positions and C-suite roles.

His career path includes being the Director of Town Sports International, at the time one of the largest publicly traded fitness companies in the US. He was the Director and Head of Global Sales and Marketing of PURE Group; he strategized the successful expansion of the brand in Asia. He was also the COO and President of Will’s Group, the largest gym operator in Mainland China with 150+ gyms, he was responsible for operations and the development of premium business brands. He also managed to head Anytime Fitness Asia as COO and later, as President and CEO. During his leadership, the brand managed 10 markets in Southeast Asia and China and sold over 400+ franchises with 300+ operating gyms. He then became the CEO and managing partner of UTime Fitness operating gyms in the UK, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Rey is also a founding member of the Global Health and Fitness Alliance and the Philippine Fitness Alliance. With his experience in the industry, he is a frequent speaker at fitness conferences, a consultant for global fitness organizations, and a contributing writer for several magazines and newspapers for health, wellness, and lifestyle. Having worked in virtually every department in the trade has given him the insight to simultaneously see the big picture and to act on the details, correct root cause issues, predict downstream implications, and deliver results.