Thiago Somera Infrastructure & Supply Chain Director Smart Fit
Infrastructure & Supply Chain Director

Smart Fit

Thiago Somera

Thiago Somera is Infrastructure & Supply Chain Director at Smart Fit.

His long history of international trade marketing and supply chain experience assisted him in
successfully implementing both physical clubs and digital platforms. Smart Fit entered the Latin
American market in 2009. Since that time, Smart Fit has grown to 1400 clubs in the region. Smart Fit
has a strong culture of innovation that aims to constantly improve the customer experience, and the
productivity of clubs. Ever since the launch of Smart Fit, it has revolutionized the concept of clubs,
adding new spaces and equipment for varied training, which provide members with a more dynamic
and productive experience in using the equipment and spaces at the clubs.

Thiago is also a speaker at Beyond Activ AMERICAS in New York, USA.