Renowned Wellness and Fitness Entrepreneur

Tony De Leede

  • Aged 12, started a Stamp trading business.
  • Aged 16, bought a café and converted it into a surfboard shop.
  • Aged 16, bought first residential investment property. 
  • Aged 18, started Sanura Imports with his mum.
  • Aged 18 – 27, imported clothing from Bali and Philippines to supply 100’s of retail stores and opened 2 city stores.  Invested in 12 residential investment properties and one large commercial project.
  • 1981: At aged 28, left Australia to travel the world for a year.  Arrived in Atlanta for what was to be 2 weeks and stayed 20 years.
  • 1982: Founded Australian Body Works (ABW), by 2000 he had expanded his health club group to a total of 23 clubs across Atlanta.
  • 1989: Started Cardio Theatre Holdings™  and introduced the concept of “Exercise Entertainment” to the international fitness industry.  
  • 1996: Atlanta Olympics: appointed ‘envoy’ to the Australian Olympic Team for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Responsible for designing, building and staffing the first ever Olympic Village Health Club.   He continued his Olympic involvement as the Olympic Village manager at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.
  • 1997: Merged Cardio Theatre with ClubCom (a media/content business that works inside the fitness industry) and eventually sold the Cardio Theatre/ClubCom business to Precor in 2002.
  • 2000: Negotiated the sale of the 23 strong ABW health club group in Atlanta.
  • 2000: Helped to negotiate the purchase of the insolvent Healthland Australia Group by UK health club group – Fitness First Plc.  
  • 2000: Became a Partner and Managing Director of Fitness First Australia.  Tony stayed as Managing Director of Fitness First until September 2008, growing the Australian business to over 90 clubs. When he handed over the reins, the group had a 37% EBITDA on all clubs and a 42% EBITDA on mature clubs.
  • 2003: Co-founded ‘Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine’.
  • Between 2000 and 2008 launched an international multi-award winning 400 acre luxury ‘Lifestyle Retreat’ located in the Gold Coast hinterland called Gwinganna which opened in 2005 and a media company called Active Media Group (AMG) built to provide alternative advertising mediums for both local and national businesses which he started in 2003.
  • 2008: Sold AMG business to Fitness First in December 2008.
  • 2010: After leaving Fitness First,  he launched the Fit n Fast gyms.
  • 2011: Opened a new ‘blue sky’ concept called Hotel Komune – a surf retreat, yoga and wellness resort brand in Bali and Coolangatta.
  • 2015: Launched Qmax Functional Training (originally branded Quickie Max) which offered high intensity instructor led group classes at 18 locations. 
  • 2016: Launched two digital content brands being Move123 and Mind123
  • 2016: Launched YogaBar
  • 2017: Acquired a significant interest in Somadome meditation pods
  • 2018: Launched Virtual Solutions and turned it into Wellness Solutions 
  • 2019: Bought a French company that invented the O2 Breathing & Meditation Chair
  • 2021: Launched Club W the world first community wellness centre incorporating a Wellness Lounge, Wellness Collective and Wellness Co-working. 
  • 2023: Launched the next generation of Club W called Wello Works in Sydney and soon to open in Atlanta.

Tony has owned many other businesses including part of a small airline, micro brewery, bar/nightclub in Mexico, timber plantation, restaurants and many more.