Founder and CEO


Vlado Bosanac

Mr Vlado Bosanac, Chief Executive Officer, Myfiziq Ltd Vlado Bosanac, CEO and Co-Founder of MyFiziq, is an entrepreneur, advisor and strategy consultant with over 25 years’ experience in venture capital and private equity. With a successful history having funded 10+ start-ups and has extensive public company experience. Also, a former competitive athlete with a passion for health and fitness, saw a gap in the market for a private digital interface that had the ability to track the hard-earned changes an athlete accomplished through their training. He further pioneered the use of mobile technology advancements and their advanced camera systems to provide people with the “holy grail” of health, fitness, and weight loss programs with ability for users to easily track dimension and visualise their anatomical changes in real time, via their mobile device, in the palm of their hand and the comfort and privacy of their own home.