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World Class is one of the leading fitness corporation in Europe with premium and luxury fitness clubs. Was founded in 1993. Being a member of a World Class club means accessing unlimited premium fitness opportunities: access to group programs, a gym, a pool, spa, participation in social and sports events, outdoor training and even travel. Its not just a fitness. You go from goal to result with us.


Brand Manager
World Class
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World Class

Why Invest

Business model for every investor
Choose the appropriate club format that will best suit your budget and business goals: from a boutique studio to a premium fitness club. Our experience in the fitness industry will allow you to work effectively in any regional market.

Multiple sources of income
With each club format, we offer an opportunity to earn income from several sources. From the standard membership of club clients and personal training to the sale of goods under the World Class brand. This allows your business to grow every year.

Consulting 360
We do not just sell a franchise, but go through all the stages of starting a business together with you. We analyse the traffic of the location, help with the selection of staff, come train your employees. After the opening of your World Class, we stay with you and provide help with all issues that arise.

World class expertise
World Class is the largest Russian fitness corporation that operates 52 own and 78 franchised World Class, World Class Lite, UFC GYM clubs in 40 cities and 11 countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Turkey, Monaco, Switzerland, Cyprus and Azerbaijan).

Wide audience
World Class offers a full range of group classes: functional, cardio and strength training for any age group, as well as family training. Personal training and sport groups of any kind.

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We are not afraid to be the 1st. We are leaders of Russian fitness industry, but we are still making our way toward new victories.
Nikolay Pryanishnikov
CEO of World Class & UFC Gym Russia

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