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inLIFE Wellness was developed in 2018 by industry veteran, Scott Capelin. Scott’s passion is creating careers for health, fitness, and wellness professionals, and creating business models that mitigate risk, maximise profit, create success and fulfilment, and provide the greatest ROI of any franchise available in the world today, which largely comes down to our setup costs being one-third of our competitors. Our structure, systems, and support are unrivalled, and we understand who the most important people in our world are, and we look after them.


Founder and CEO
inLIFE Wellness

Why Invest

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of the massive growth in the boutique fitness market over the last decade, and equally familiar with the fact it is set to double again. Ask yourself this question: “If I was a potential franchisee, whether it be Owner-Operator, Owner-Manager, or Owner-Investor, if factors such as member capacity, revenue per studio, aesthetic appearance, and profitability were the same, when I look at my franchise options in the Pilates space would I prefer to open a studio for $100K, or $400K?” That’s the question. We understand it’s not about being cheap – just smart.

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The inLIFE Wellness business model has been developed as a result of over two decades of research and observation, trial, error, and experience, and is set to ride the wave of wellness into the next decade. The model draws upon common themes from the worlds most successful fitness franchises. We aren’t just another generic business opportunity. Our core values are teamwork, innovation, value for the member and franchise owners, and most of all gratitude for anyone who joins our network. We understand what studio members want and we understand what franchise owners need. As a business decision, it doesn’t get any more smart, safe, or sensible than this. We have a framework that allows for some flexibility, and we enjoy the process. If this appeals to you then you could be a good fit.
Scott Capelin
Founder and CEO of inLIFE Wellness

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