Digital Fitness & Wellness

A Corrected Equlibrium for Content Provision & Consumption

In 2023, the synergy of digital fitness and wellness has reached unprecedented heights, transforming how individuals prioritize their health. Content of all shapes, sizes and formats are being regularly consumed by all ages – including softer workouts, shorter workouts, mindfulness and nutrition. AI-driven platforms now curate personalized fitness plans, adapting dynamically to user progress. Wearable tech has evolved to not only monitor physical activity but also assess holistic well-being, from stress levels to sleep quality. Virtual mental health support has gained traction, providing accessible counselling and emotional well-being resources. And, virtual reality now immerses users in captivating workout environments, making exercise engaging and accessible. Additionally, the rise of segments like telehealth, remote diagnostics and electronic prescriptions continues to blossom. Overall, social connectivity remains integral, with digital platforms fostering a sense of community, motivation and support. The landscape of digital fitness and wellness in 2023 reflects a holistic and tech-driven paradigm shift toward comprehensive and proactive health management.

The decision to regain ownership is about ensuring the best future for Sweat. We have always been a platform built for women, by women, providing a secure and encouraging space for them to share their transformation journeys. Our commitment to this community remains unwavering.

Kayla Itsines

With Core’s backing, we have the support, investment and distribution to dramatically scale our business and create an increasingly diverse ecosystem, to even better serve the sector. That scaling will include acquisitions – such as our February 2023 acquisition of Intelivideo – to consolidate the market and provide the sector with a strong digital fitness partner that has the resources to stay one step ahead.

Paul Bowman


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