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BDO is one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory organisations. Motivated by delivering ideas and advice that create value and long-lasting relationships through trust. Their expertise, global network and connections in your market ensures they can be a true value-adding partner to your business.

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Partner, Business Services - Sports Advisory Lead
BDO in Australia

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Biggest Achievements of 2023


BDO expanded the franchise and sports, fitness & health advisory teams with hands-on specialists in local, national, and global market geographies.


BDO ranked the highest amongst mid-tier firms, living by our values;

The shift towards preventative fitness, health and wellbeing activities, including mental health support, has generated opportunities and challenges in the sector. The concepts of fitness and wellness have merged, with exercise now an important part of treatment plans and healthy lifestyles. Despite technology democratising health access with online and virtual sessions to everyone, social fitness continues to grow as people seek to re-establish their social networks. While we anticipate these factors will lead to continued growth in the industry, we also see tough times ahead for SME businesses (and potential M&A opportunities) as the lagging impact of COVID, war, rising interest rates and inflation impacts the market.

William Tuffley

Partner, Business Services – Sports Advisory Lead
BDO in Australia

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