Boutique Fitness

Nurturing Inclusive Communities & Delivering Phenomenal Experiences

In 2023, the boutique fitness industry evolved with a deeper focus on personalized experiences, innovative class programming, and eco-friendly practices. New players came to market, especially expanding franchise concepts. We witnessed a rise in softer modalities (yoga, pilates, stretch) and a rebalancing away from HIIT to more strength and conditioning. Gen Y and Gen Z flocked to studios with more authenticity, innovative programming and a shift towards sustainability and eco-friendly equipment. Membership models continue to be flexible, offering varied subscriptions, as well as digital formats. Some studios are now experimenting with AI-driven coaching and performance tracking. Community building increased through social events and exclusive perks, alongside other brand collaborations offering new co-joined experiences. The industry’s adaptability is evident, shaping a future of more inclusive fitness and holistic well-being.

In 2023 at The Fit Guide, we conducted over 250 anonymous evaluations of the world’s leading boutique fitness clubs. This provided some interesting data that shines a light on some things we can do to improve the client experience – for example, only 45% of instructors used our name, and in 25% of our visits we weren’t offered any kind of orientation or tour. As an industry, we need to put ourselves in the mind of an intimidated, nervous first-time member and do everything we can to help them feel welcome at our clubs, so we can then help them hit their health and fitness goals.

Jack Thomas

The Fit Guide

Post-Pandemic 2023, despite relief and optimism, is a scene from Blade Runner with many sliding columns in the spreadsheet. Fitness broadened to wellness. Funding and hiring slowed while digital adoption, AI, and innovation accelerated. Generational shifts happened. Clubs weren’t replaced by home fitness as forecast by Foley, but behavioural change, the hybrid life, and the economic climate have nibbled away at profit. TikTok et al have fuelled education and experiential revolutions. Our relationship with value has changed. Our priorities have changed. Uncertainty is the only certainty. The next giants of the industry are being generated now. Outlook: cloudy with the promise of sunshine.

Emma Barry

Founder & CEO
Trouble Global

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