Medical Wellness

The Mainstream Blurring of Medical, Health and Wellness Continues

The surge in health-conscious consumers continues. There is increased demand for medical tourism, telehealth, personalised lifestyle medicine, alternative medicine, beauty and anti-aging, wellness retreats, progressive spa treatments, high touch and high tech, functional nutrition and supplements. Social media, medtech aggregators and positive government support further fuels demand, investments, innovation and partnerships. Areas of growth include premium offerings, use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content, client experience, management and procedures, as well as regenerative medicine, nutrigenomics, nootropics, social wellness therapies, cultural activities, collaboration with insurance providers, and a greater focus on wearable health data tracking.

To change the paradigm in Medicine from “Test and Treat to Predict and Prevent” is the way for 4P Medicine; Predict, Prevent, Personalize, Participate. To participate the fitness industry must play a major role. Insurance companies must understand and support those who are willing to invest in health as long as they can. Modern technology and epigenetics offer tools to monitor the improvement of Metabolic Syndrome. Physical activity: endurance and strength combined with balanced nutrition, good sleep, mindfulness, are the main keys to prolong the Health span and consequently Life span.

Prof Jiri Dvorak

Neurologist, Specialist of Musculoskeletal System & Co-Founder
BDMS Wellness Clinic

2023 was yet another year that showed in so many ways how fitness & wellness is important to people across the world. Uptake for the best innovation and strong staple solutions is very healthy and with the increasing use of data, analytics/AI and their teams, leaders are managing to influence routines and outcomes more than at any time before. Still so much room to go in 2024, where we probably keep seeing some of the consolidation and creative partnerships, we’ve started to see in the past few years.

Eric Falardeau

McKinsey & Company

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