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No longer are the myriad of benefits associated with simulated altitude available only to the world’s most elite, Air Locker Training has now made them accessible to everyone. After launching in 2020, Air Locker Training has taken the industry to new heights offering a completely new package never seen before. Rapidly growing through Australia, New Zealand & USA this new phenomenon is changing the way the industry approaches health, fitness, and wellness.

At Air Locker Training, we create a unique training environment where you learn to deal with stress effectively. Our studios simulate high altitudes, lowering your blood oxygen levels to challenge your body’s natural survival instincts. Instead of overreacting to stress, we teach you to stay calm and composed under pressure. This controlled environment helps you manage and regulate your emotions by focusing on your breath. The skills you learn here are directly applicable to everyday life, helping you stay centered and calm in any potentially stressful situation.

Breathe, control your reactions, and build resilience with Air Locker Training.


Founder & CEO
Air Locker Training

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Air Locker Training provides a unique opportunity to enter a saturated market with a strong point of difference. Combining the science of altitude with the community of group training, Air Locker Training has a winning formula for a successful business model. A first-to-market offering provides a high barrier to competitors and allows your business to thrive. In addition to global recognition of the benefits of altitude training, our focus on mental resilience allows you to make a real difference in your local community. In joining our mission you will experience unparalleled support, a results-driven program, and an ecosystem of technology to deliver an incredible member experience and revenue growth.

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Becoming a part of the Air Locker family has been nothing short of an amazing experience. From the first conversation right through until now, and I am sure beyond - the Air Locker team have held our hand, provided guidance and support and been there every step of the way. Air Locker has made our dreams come alive
Brennan Poulton
Owner, ALT Mildura
I truly believe Air Locker Training is a game changer. Having owned several gyms, I’m not new to fitness franchising. What continues to impress me about Air Locker is the infectious brand belief the whole team exudes. The way they have followed through on their promise to support me and my team would leave competitors in their wake. I have secured 10 territories.
Rafael Suarez
Multi-Site Owner, Air Locker Training

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