Health Tech

Innovating The Front Line of Preventative & Prescriptive Health

Embracing 2023, health-tech continued on its transformative journey driven by customer convenience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront, redefining diagnostics, treatment precision and personalised medicine. Telehealth continues its ascent, making it a core practice at healthcare institutions that ensures accessibility and streamlined services. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have amplified healthcare experiences, from training simulations to patient treatment plans. The rise in aggregators, booking apps and health-tracking apps have gained popularity for personalised medicine along with gamified tools for mental and physical performance enhancement. The future promises a health-tech landscape marked by convenience, affordability and accessibility, matched with advanced AI applications, widespread telehealth adoption and immersive experiences to offer highly optimised and localised services.

The coming year holds immense promise for the health tech sector, with innovations that will reshape how we approach mental health. As we, a health tech startup, eagerly anticipate promising advancements in the coming year, we also recognize the collaborative effort needed. Mental health professionals, tech innovators, and end-users must unite to ensure these technological leaps are harnessed and utilized responsibly. Our journey ahead is more than a technological evolution; it’s a collective commitment to enhancing the human experience through thoughtful, compassionate innovation.

Vikram Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

High demand for access to quality healthcare services has boosted the increasing adoption of digital technology in healthcare. Astra believes that the health sector in Indonesia has good growth prospects in the long term. We hope that Astra’s investment in Halodoc can accelerate the transformation of health services in Indonesia which are increasingly innovative, accessible and providing quality service.

Djony Bunarto Tjondro

President Director

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